Vanessa McLean

It's In Your Story


When Vanessa speaks I feel like I am floating through the universe on a cloud.

Cheryl Nicks
Les Brown Motivational Speaker
I love Vanessa’s style and the way she speaks, it comes on so gentle. It’s like I‘ve walked outside in the snow and each snowflake is a little tiny portion of love and I am standing with my arms open looking up at the sky.

Dan Smith
Founder of ForverTold | Author, Motivational Speaker

Omekongo Dibinga - A Les Brown Platinum Speaker

Barbara Strong
This evening I had a conversation that was priceless because I could see the tangible steps to transitioning my dreams into reality and her name was Vanessa Mclean. Vanessa thank you for providing such transparent clarity in an instant, you made it seem so effortless and achievable!!!! You were like a Dream Sat Nav I gave you the goal and you directed me right to the door now I just need to buckle up and drive!!!!!

Thank you

Dr Michele McDowell
Last evening was truly remarkable,empowering and a positive investment of my time. Thank you for hosting/convening a blessed moment in the wonderful experience that is my life.Continue to speak your truth,its a beautiful thing.

Malik Muhammad
Motivational Speaker
WOW! I went through your website, I am really amazed, stilled and  inspired by how you went for your dream to become a speaker. I remember you coming to my humble flat in London a few years ago, doing a presentation and now you are helping thousands of people finding their their "why" in life.

Anthony Fagan
avatarI attended  Vanessa's "Its In Your Story" Seminar . The day was so inspiring and motivational for me it has re-energised and re-charged my batteries.
Helen M. Tucker MBA, BA(Hons)
Director & Principal Consultant

Helen Tucker

Some synchronicity at work! You blew me off yesterday at the are a powerhouse house of divine energy! I am very pleased to be connected to you, woman.

Eunice I. Oviawe-Jones