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Let’s Get Started Coaching

Let’s Get Started One to One Program



The Let’s Get Started one to one program is a  serieis of  5  x 1 hour sessions. It is a  targeted and measurable  way for you to remodel your life with the help and experience of a coach.




What happens on the Let’s Get Started Coaching Program?

  •  A downloadble 12 week action plan for achieveing your goals
  •  You will work on the major shifts and changes which are needed to accomplish what is important to you
  •  Identify your goals
  •  Define your core competencies
  •  Recognise opportunities
  •  Identify your obstacles
  •  Challenge your beliefs
  •  Set weekly or fortnigtly action steps to keep you targetted and focused on achieving your goals


Tell Me How It Works?

  •  You will receive 5 x 1 hour one to one coaching sessions
  •  Each session is scheduled by you to be taken weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  •  Each session will be delivered either by phone or conference software
  •  You will have email access to your coach between sessions to discuss your progress
  •  You will receive receive regular feedback from your coach
  •  You will have access to tools and resources to optimise your coaching and goal setting experience



How much does it cost?

Only £200 per session

Coaching Options


Then what do I do next?

Email Vanessa here: to book a convenient time for your coaching session


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