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It's In Your Story

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It’s In Your Story Online Group Coaching Program



It’s In Your Story is a 6 week online group coaching program, The main focus is targeted at mastering your life through your story




Why It’s In Your Story?

  • You have a story or message you want to tell with power purpose and passion
  • The fear of presenting or giving a speech leaves you totally flustered
  • You want to master how to build your confidence
  • You want to learn how to strategically tell your story
  • You are  ready to discover how to give a presentation that is not only memorable but transformational and create a passive income as you speak your way to success
  • You want to work with a small group of  individuals who will support you and be accountable to your success
  • You want to discover and learn effective communication techniques to improve your leadership skills
  • You are at a crossroad and would benefit with a little help to formalise a game plan for your future
  • You want to be coached by Vanessa McLean an elite Les Brown Platinum Speaker


This online group coaching is run periodically.

To express your interest in the first instance please email Vanessa McLean at with your enquiry


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