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It's In Your Story

It’s In Your Story – Global True Purpose Tour London Part 3 and 4

Connecting With The Young People In London


Live, Raw and Uncut Part 3


Live, Raw and Uncut Part 4 






Vanessa McLean
No1 Bestselling Author – Fight for your dreams
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About vanessamc
Vanessa McLean is a dynamic inspirational speaker, trained by the world’s most renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. Her message to the world embraces love, having a big dream and overcoming fear. As she speaks in her smooth silky story telling style, her audiences are captivated, moved  and challenged to fulfill their true potential. She encourages her audience to unleash their hidden power and see themselves beyond the limitations that have been imposed on them by the world. Vanessa Says: “You do not know where a path may lead you until you take it. The most important thing one needs to realise about life is that there are no guarantees. The events that happen in your life that you may consider to be obstacles or even a setback, view them as your perfect opportunity to test your resolve, find your purpose, and live your dream”

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