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The #HLIC Movie – Digital DownloadHLIC 1 (2)

The #HLIC  Movie was an idea from Executive Producers Dr. Che Brown and Trevor Otts.
HLIC stands for Head Ladies in Charge. Directed by Dr. Letitia Wright.

This movie features 33 women who tell their unique perspective on a turning point in their lives.
For some it meant life or death! For others it meant becoming who they really were or just staying in a miserable  No matter who you are, you will find a solution for one of your life’s dilemmas when you watch The #HLIC Movie.







More to Life Than Getting By – Ebook

Are you struggling to get by in life and wondering what else you can you do?
Do you feel lost, alone and frustrated, unable to commit to your goals?
There’s more to life than getting by” gives you 3 practical steps to breakthrough
your current circumstance in 90 days and design a life of true purpose, value and meaning.
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